Terms and Conditions

The following information only refers to locations where KATRIN rentacar have an office (Alicante-Alicante Airport-Torrevieja).


1.Our prices include:

  • Applicable local taxes (VAT)
  • Compulsory insurance with excess
  • Replacement car in case of accident
  • No charge for cancellations or changes
  • Airport service (with additional charges)
  • Option of paying on arrival
  • Emergency Contact service
  • Road maps

2.Our prices do not include:

  • Fuel
  • Optional Smart Insurance (all risk insurance)
  • Unlimited kms per day

3.Insurance conditions:

Our prices include compulsory insurance for collision & theft with an excess.

4.What is covered by our SMART Insurance:

For a minimum cost our Smart Insurance allows you to travel with total peace of mind and with the certain guarantee of no extra costs in case of accident or damage to the car. When taking out the SMART insurance there is no excess or deposit to pay.

SMART Insurance cost at KATRIN rentacar locations:

Vehicle Group Cost per day Maximum
Economy 21€ 295€
Compact 25€ 350€
Family Size 29€ 405€
Suv 33€ 460€
Cabrio 36€ 505€
Minivan up to 7 pas. 40€ 560€
Minivan up to 9 pas. 44€ 615€
Sedan Premium 45€ 630€

The COMPULSORY INSURANCE AND SMART INSURANCE will be valid as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The customer, in the event of a collision or damage to the vehicle, provides KATRIN rentacar the full details of the third party and possible witnesses within 48 hours, as well as a completed accident report form (provided by KATRIN rentacar in every vehicle) signed by the two drivers involved in an accident and/or a police report.
  • The collision, theft, fire, did not take place during unauthorized use.

5.What is not covered by any insurance.

  • Damage to a third party or to the hire vehicle due to negligence or inappropriate driving.
  • Loss of child seats.
  • Loss or damage to aerials, jack, safety triangles and vests, windscreen wipers, petrol cap, luggage covers, or any other fixed or mobile component of the vehicle.
  • Damage to the engine through negligence.
  • Theft of the vehicle with keys left in the ignition.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle or to persons through driving under the
  • Influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Fines due to breaking traffic laws and regulations during the hire period are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. In the event of a fine being received the amount of 40€ administration fee will be incurred.
  • Refueling with the wrong type of petrol.
  • Loss or damage to the keys.

6.Cancelling or changing your booking.

You can cancel or alter your booking as many times as is necessary, without incurring cancellation charges or  any additional cost. Our web-site has a bookings manager function, allowing you to quickly change or cancel your own booking, without having to call or be left waiting.

7.Guaranteed vehicle group.

When you book with KATRIN rentacar, we guarantee the vehicle group requested, brand and model shown.

8.Airport service.

KATRIN rentacar offers to you with additional charges service for pick-up and drop-off at the Alicante Airport terminal

9.“Out of hours” service.

To pick up your hire vehicle outside our office hours (that is from 22.01 to 08.00), you will need to pay an additional 40€. (Only at Alicante airport and a valid flight number must be provided)

Delayed flights: no fees

10.Child seats.

Child seats as well as boosters are manufactured according to European safety standards and are available on request for a daily charge of 7€, up to a maximum of 84€ per item. Please make sure which kind of seat you require:

Baby seat (BS) 0-13 kg
Child seat (BP) 9-25 kg
Booster (BG) 16-36 kg

For your child’s safety it is obligatory for children up to 12 years of age or with a height up to 135cms to use an approved safety device corresponding to the height and weight of the child and that this must be placed on the back seat of the car.

11.Additional drivers.

Each additional driver will be 4€ per day.

12.Roadside assistance.

Our prices also include roadside assistance 24/7. Any towing costs incurred are not included, though we do provide, at no additional cost, a replacement car if necessary.

13.Conditions relating to petrol.

With KATRIN rentacar you will have an easy and fast return service. We apply system – Empty-Empty. All cars have at least 5 liters of fuel to get to go to the nearest gas station. We do not reimburse the cost of fuel you leave in the tank.

14.Driving license requirements.

All drivers must have been in possession of a full EU-valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. The minimum age of the driver is 21. If you are less then 24or/and 75 or over, then you will be required to select an additional supplement. This an obligatory supplement regardless of the type of insurance contracted.

Only the following are considered to be valid driving licenses in Spain:

  • Those issued in accordance with current Spanish legislation
  • Those issued by member states of the European Union in accordance with community regulations
  • Those issued by other countries or those of an international nature that are effectively recognized as valid permissions to drive in Spain.

Young drivers between the ages of 21 years to 24 years: 5€ per day.

Senior Driver, if you are 75 or over: 5€ per day.

15.Payment & Payment options:

Pre-payment by credit card. Make your payment online when making your reservation via our secure webpage (at KATRIN rentacar locations) using your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Payment on arrival. Payment can be made when collecting the vehicle.

Payment is at the point of arrival, on collection of your vehicle, or through our secure web page, with Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards.

For payment by debit card you must either pay the deposit of 400€-900€ or take out the SMART insurance.

The deposit will then be refunded to you at the end of your rental if there is no new damage made to the car.

We do accept cash for payment of the car hire along with a credit card (NOT DEBIT) as a guarantee. (by choosing this option you can only pay the cost of renting a car, provided that the said amount does not exceed 1000€ (one thousand euros).

Choosing this option you can not choose the SMART insurance (all risks insurance), always have to be safe with deposit / franchise corresponding to each group of vehicles)

The holder of the card must present it together with their voucher when they come to pick up the vehicle.


KATRIN rentacar vehicles can not be transported outside peninsular Spain, if you dont acord it with Katrin rent a car.

17.Documentation required on collection of the vehicle.

Please remember that on picking up the vehicle you must have with you: your passport or identity card, your driving license, credit card and KATRIN rentacar booking number.

18.Data protection.

Our web-site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information we have under our control. KATRIN rentacar does not sell or rent out any confidential information to third parties.

19.Prices and taxes.

The prices shown on this page are valid subject to error or omission. They are subject to change without notice. Prices include VAT.

20.Discount coupon:

Offer valid for the period specified in each promotion.

Discount applicable only for the rental amount.

Subject to availability of vehicles.

Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Applicable for the following destinations: Alicante, Alicante Airport and Torrevieja.


The General Terms and Conditions for Self-Drive Hire Cars (hereinafter the Contract) entered into between Catrin y Sergio S.L., holder of Tax ID No (CIF) B-54977343 and with its registered address at calle Ulpiano, 62, Bajo A, Torrevieja (Alicante), 03182(hereinafter KATRIN rentacar) registered in the Alicante Trade Registry, Volume 3999, Folio 162, Page No 153035, 1st Entry, and the Customer, whose identification details are given on the Contract page (hereinafter the Customer), are set out below.

1.Parties and General obligations.

KATRIN rentacar, acting in the capacity of lessor, shall rent to THE CUSTOMER established as lessee the vehicle described in this Contract (or the vehicle which may be handed over as a replacement, where necessary), subject to the terms, conditions and rates established herein – and/or in any annex to this document – and the CUSTOMER undertakes to comply, expressly acknowledging having read and accepted the conditions established in this Contract, and having not stated any doubts or disagreements with the content.

THE CUSTOMER is expressly advised that KATRIN rentacar cannot respond to claims made for the provision of the services offered in cases where it is duly justified that the claimant has breached  the terms and conditions of the contracts previously entered into with KATRIN rentacar, both in cases  of non-payment for the services provided and in cases where there has been an unreasonable  extension of the hired services without the corresponding knowledge or authorisation from  KATRIN rentacar; all of the foregoing in accordance with the recourses expressly included in existing  consumer protection law which may be applicable.

In order to objectively minimise the risks arising from driving motor vehicles, the following persons cannot be included as drivers in the contract entered into for the hire car:

  • Persons aged below twenty-one (21) and older than seventy-nine (79) years old. Notwithstanding the foregoing and in accordance with existing rates published by this company, THE CUSTOMER is expressly advised that drivers who are, when taking out this Contract, aged between 21 and 25 years old, must pay the specified additional “young driver” charge, whereas those aged above 75 years old must pay the corresponding additional “senior driver” charge.
  • Persons with a driving licence valid for less than one (1) year.
  • Persons who do not show the original driving licence document when entering into this


  • Persons with a driving licence carrying legal and/or criminal charges.
  • Persons who, when taking out the Contract, have an evident physical or mental incapacity, meaning they are not in a suitable condition for driving.

THE CUSTOMER expressly undertakes to not allow any person to drive the vehicle other than

those persons appearing as drivers in the Contract executed for this purpose, and shall be held liable for any damage to the vehicle or third parties in such a case.

Likewise, and in order to prevent potential risks caused by boat crossings or in any other form of transport necessary in these cases, THE CUSTOMER expressly agrees not to travel with the hired vehicle to the Autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, the Canary Islands, or to any part of the Balearic Islands other than the island where the vehicle was handed over.

Nor may THE CUSTOMER travel outside Spain with the hired vehicle.

Breach of any of the obligations expressly assumed by each party herein shall authorise the other party to require compliance thereof, or terminate the Contract, and to take the appropriate measures to recover the vehicle (in the event of breach by the lessee), or to have the amounts paid returned (for breach by the lessor), notwithstanding the opportunity to make claims for damages which may have occurred as a result of said breach.

This self-drive hire car contract is executed so THE CUSTOMER may have the vehicle for personal use, expressly assuming the civil, administrative and even criminal liability that may arise from its improper use, or the committing of any type of administrative or criminal offence which potentially takes place with the vehicle.

KATRIN rentacar has the option of renting mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) devices as a car hire supplement. In this case, THE CUSTOMER is directly responsible for use of the equipment supplied; both personal use and third party/children use, and KATRIN rentacar shall not be held liable before third parties for their use of the Mi-Fi.

If THE CUSTOMER commits any type of action that may give rise to civil liability of any kind that

KATRIN rentacar must face, or which may constitute an administrative or criminal offence,

KATRIN rentacar shall be entitled to claim damages not only for the amount of the compensation or penalties faced, but also for the total sum of the damages caused as a consequence of not being able to use the vehicle described in this rental contract.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, THE CUSTOMER is expressly advised of the consequences that may arise for KATRIN rentacar from the application of Law 4/2014, of 20 June, on land transport and sustainable mobility on the Balearic Islands, whereby THE CUSTOMER expressly states that he/she will not use or permit the use of the hire car to perform the occasional public transport of passengers without the required authorisation or qualifying licence. If the vehicle described in this Contract is reported by members of the state security forces, or any other authority empowered for this purpose, for undertaking the aforementioned practice, KATRIN rentacar expressly reserves the right to exercise, before THE CUSTOMER, all necessary actions in any jurisdiction, and specifically to start the corresponding criminal proceedings for the alleged offence of fraud, expressly classified in Article 248(1) of the Spanish Criminal Code, punishable with penalties of up to three years in prison.

2.Vehicle use by the lessee.

KATRIN rentacar expressly states that the vehicle handed over has passed all the mechanical inspections and internal controls undertaken, and is in the general condition recorded in the sheet signed by THE CUSTOMER for this purpose, and has all the necessary documentation, tools  and accessories, and all its tyres (including the spare) are in good condition with no punctures.

THE CUSTOMER expressly agrees to:

  • Keep it in good condition.

Respect the Highway Code, pursuant to the specifications of use for the type of vehicle in question. In particular, the parties expressly agree that the performance of any behaviour representing a traffic offence shall be considered a fundamental breach of the obligations assumed herein, which may lead to the Contract being terminated and claims being made for the corresponding compensation for damages caused, including those corresponding to administrative, management and procedural charges caused by the intervention of KATRIN rentacar in the sanctions proceedings, or in the criminal proceedings initiated as a consequence of such behaviour.

  • Not to transport persons or goods, or undertake activities for the purpose of subleasing the vehicle, which break the Law or existing legal provisions or whose number (weight, quantity and/or volume) exceed the limits specified by the vehicle manufacturer or the law.
  • Not to drive under the influence or alcoholic beverages, drugs, other narcotic substances or with physical capacities impaired by fatigue, illness or any other circumstance which makes driving unadvisable.
  • Not to use the vehicle to push or tow another vehicle(s), trailers or rolling/non-rolling objects.
  • Not to take part in competitions or sports races, whether official or unofficial.
  • Not to use or carry out resistance tests for materials, accessories or automobile products not provided and/or authorised by KATRIN rentacar.
  • Not to transport flammable, dangerous, radioactive, toxic and/or harmful goods.
  • Not to provide as a security, pledge, sell, rent, assign, mortgage, loan or even change or modify any part of the vehicle, including the documents, keys, tools and accessories, or the vehicle itself.
  • Lock the vehicle, in a suitable, appropriate and safe place when it is not being used, and keep its documentation inside the vehicle.
  • Immediately halt the vehicle in the event of the slightest external or explicit (indicators) suggestion of the existence of a technical failure. In such cases, THE CUSTOMER must contact the nearest KATRIN rentacar office, or the designated Assistance Company as soon as possible, rejecting the payment of any charges that may arise from the use of other assistance companies, except in cases of the utmost urgency.
  • Not drive with the hire car in unpassable areas or unpaved roads which are not suitable for circulation, as these may damage the lower part of the bodywork and/or cause other kinds of damage.

 3.Returning the Vehicle.

The vehicle shall be returned in the same condition it was handed over in, and with the same documents, accessories and equipment, in the place, on the date and at the time agreed as the end of the rental contract period. THE CUSTOMER expressly assumes the legal consequences arising from the changes made to the hire car which have not been expressly authorised by KATRIN rentacar.

Under no circumstances shall the rental contract be considered tacitly extended due to the fact that THE CUSTOMER does not return the vehicle in question upon the agreed date for ending the Contract, requiring the express, written authorisation of KATRIN rentacar for such extension. THE  USTOMER shall be liable for any damage caused to the vehicle after the rental contract  alidity period has ended and before the vehicle is returned, while KATRIN  entacar may claim any corresponding compensation for the damages caused.

KATRIN rentacar may also start the appropriate legal proceedings to enforce compliance of the provisions expressly agreed between the parties, including commencing the corresponding criminal proceedings for the potential crime of illegal appropriation whereby the state security forces are requested to detain the vehicle.

4.Rental fees.

Pursuant to this hire contract, THE CUSTOMER shall be required to pay:

  • Charges arising from vehicle hire and taxes and fees for the replacement value for loss of documents, accessories and/or tools.
  • In cases where, following the return of the vehicle, additional cleaning is required due to the car being dirty beyond the level expected from normal vehicle use, an additional charge of 100€ shall apply, against evidence of the cost of the service provided.
  • Where THE CUSTOMER changes the conditions agreed in the Contract, either because he/she requests to return the vehicle after the end of the rental period in a different place to that initially agreed, or because THE CUSTOMER allows the vehicle to be driven by a person not initially included as an additional driver, he/she shall be required to pay the current rate for each case covered.
  • If, following the termination of the hire car contract, a positive balance remains in favor of THE CUSTOMER, KATRIN rentacar will immediately pay the resulting amount via the same payment method originally used by THE CUSTOMER, but shall not be liable for any delays caused due to processes to be carried out by the banking or credit institutions.
  • If THE CUSTOMER requests assistance, he/she must pay the towing costs, or any other expense incurred by said assistance, except in cases where the assistance is required as a result of a technical failure in the vehicle and through assistance companies designated for this purpose by KATRIN rentacar.

5.Possible additional charges.

In the event THE CUSTOMER fails to comply with the obligations assumed herein, he/she must pay an amount established and/or arising from the general terms and conditions. KATRIN rentacar is expressly authorised to make the corresponding charges to the credit card provided for this purpose, after providing information about the reason the charge is being made any justification of the amount.

Specifically, THE CUSTOMER is expressly required to accept the charges arising from damages caused as a consequence of his/her breach of the obligations laid down herein, on the occasion of the following concepts:

  • Compensation for any damages/losses caused to the vehicle, coverage of which is not justified and/or insured by THE CUSTOMER along with the vehicle immobilisation costs, whose amount shall result from applying the current rate type.
  • Compensation equal to the amount paid by KATRIN rentacar for fines, and the administrative management expenditure and legal fees arising from traffic offences or breaches of the law by any authorised driver, including the penalties related to late payment by the lessee.
  • Compensation equal to the amount of the damages caused by negligence of THE CUSTOMER, which expressly includes the loss of keys, mistakes when refuelling and the absence of internal elements in the hire care.


The insurance taken out by KATRIN rentacar covers THE CUSTOMER and the drivers authorised in this Contract under compulsory motor insurance and civil liability for an unlimited amount. The KATRIN rentacar fleet motor insurance has been taken out with the companies Generali, Mutua Madrileña, Groupama Mapfre, Reale and Axa, whose geographical coverage includes all of Spain.

It is expressly stated that the special conditions of the insurance taken out by KATRIN rentacar for the hire cars exclude coverage of expenses for third parties, spouse, relatives in the ascending or descending line, siblings or other relatives of THE CUSTOMER, and his partners or people with the same commercial, labour or dependency relations.

Likewise, it is expressly stated that loss, theft or damage caused to goods or objects transported in the vehicle is also excluded from the insurance.

Through his/her signature, THE CUSTOMER is covered by the policy taken out by KATRIN rentacar.

6.1. Types of optional coverage.

THE CUSTOMER may choose to take out one of the following insurance options, which offer additional coverage on top of the basic coverage included in the car hire.


THE CUSTOMER is partially excluded from financial and civil liability for damage caused to the vehicle.

In such cases, THE CUSTOMER shall only be liable for the amount agreed and expressly established in the Contract as a franchise concept, and up to said amount, must bear the costs and/or losses caused.

In any case, for the application of the coverage taken out under this type of additional insurance, the submission of the corresponding accident report, recording all the details relating to the accident or damage caused (details of the vehicles and/or persons involved, and description of the events and damage caused) will be required.


THE CUSTOMER is partially excluded from financial and civil liability for the full or partial loss of the vehicle in the event of theft or vandalism, up to the amount expressly established in the Contract as a franchise concept, which in all cases must be paid by THE CUSTOMER.

For the application of the coverage taken out under this type of additional insurance, hand-over of the hire car keys when notifying KATRIN rentacar of the events, along with a copy of the criminal complaint filed with the competent authorities, shall be required.


THE CUSTOMER is excluded from financial and civil liability for certain types of damages not included in the previous types of insurance, and which are: 1) damage to the underside of the vehicle; 2) broken windows and mirrors; 3) tyre repair.

In any case, this type of insurance may solely and exclusively be taken out by THE CUSTOMER when first signing the rental contract.


Taking out this type of insurance policy grants THE CUSTOMER and the additional drivers included in the Contract healthcare arising from a traffic accident these may suffer during the validity period of this rental contract, and compensation for said parties in the event of death or permanent disability for amounts of 30 000€ and 24 000€ respectively.

6.2. Exclusions

It is expressly stated that under the coverage provided through the different types of insurance policy options available to THE CUSTOMER, damages caused by any of the following circumstances are not included. In this case, KATRIN rentacar may claim their full amount:

  • Damage caused to the tyres, whether produced by blows delivered to these or by an excess load in the hire car.
  • Damage caused to the locks or pistons, and the windows of the hire car.
  • Damage caused by theft of the wheels, elements belonging to the underside of the vehicle, roof, spare keys, pistons, seats or windows of the hire car.
  • Damage or missing parts involving the vehicle parts and components – inner, outer and mechanical, if the hire car is stolen or an attempt to steal it is made.

The aforementioned damage shall be included under the SMART insurance coverage.

In any case and regardless of the type of insurance policy taken out by THE CUSTOMER, damages caused by any of the following circumstances shall not be included, in which case KATRIN rentacar may claim their full amount:

  • Damages caused by accidents where the efficient cause is a serious breach of traffic laws, or committing an act constituting a traffic safety offence. Unless THE CUSTOMER proves otherwise, it shall be assumed that conduct as described above exists, and this is the cause of the accident in question, when the amount of the damage caused to the vehicle amounts to 5 000€ or more.
  • Damage caused to the hire car as a consequence of accidents produced by negligent conduct of THE CUSTOMER, when legal proceedings have proven this.
  • Damage caused to the spare keys hand over to the lessee to open the vehicle and upholstery.
  • Compensation for theft of belongings inside the hire car.
  • Damage caused by the weather and the resulting assistance costs.


THE CUSTOMER agrees to immediately notify KATRIN rentacar of any accident and send any notifications related to said accident, and to fully cooperate with both KATRIN rentacar and the Insurance Company in the investigation and defence of any claims and proceedings.

In any case, at the time of the accident, THE CUSTOMER:

  • Shall not make any admission of fault or any prejudgments with regard to liability concerning the accident.
  • Shall obtain full details from the other party, and all the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • If the amicable execution of the corresponding accident report is not possible, THE CUSTOMER shall notify the authorities where blame exists on behalf of the other party.

8.Repairs, lubrication, oils and fuels.

THE CUSTOMER must check liquid levels every 1 000 kilometres and replace them if necessary. Liquid replacement costs (excluding those resulting from negligence), shall be paid after submission of the corresponding supporting documents (receipts) for the service performed. The cost of repairs arising from damages and/or breakdowns, carried out in the expressly agreed garages/workshops, shall be borne by KATRIN rentacar, provided the conditions established herein are met. If repairs must be made in  arages/workshops not agreed with KATRIN rentacar, its express approval shall be required, and the cost of the repairs shall be returned to THE CUSTOMER upon submission of the supporting documents (receipts) for the services provided, and the amount these total.

THE CUSTOMER must refuel the vehicle with the suitable type of fuel, and shall bear the cost of this.

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